The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company Foundation grants financial assistance to organizations that support the preservation, promotion, and advancement of American Indian self-sufficiency and culture in the United States, including programs for (i) the development of American Indian entrepreneurism, (ii) facilitating American Indian education (particularly college, graduate, and post-graduate education), and (iii) the preservation and enhancement of American Indian culture.


The Foundation was formed in April of 1997, and its sole source of funding is Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc., which has made contributions to the Foundation every year since its formation.

Past recipients of the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company Foundation grant funds include: Afraid of Bear – American Horse Tiospaye; Albuquerque Museum Foundation; All Relations United; American Indian College Fund; Anishiaabe Agriculture Institute; Apache Language Consortium; Brave Heart Society; Center of Southwest Culture, Inc; Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute; Gwch’in Social and Cultural Institute of Alaska; Indian Pueblo Cultural Center; Kayenta Arts Foundation; Koahnic Broadcast Corporation; New Mexico Film Foundation, and Northern Cheyenne Language Consortium.